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How to use the HTML5 WebSocket
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Autor: bookkeeper
Chapter: JavaScript

Since HTML5 sockets will be avaiable as WebSocket. Finally we can write applications with real sockets!

 And it's very easy to use:

First create a WebSocket instance:

var wb = new WebSocket("ws://");

After install the callbacks:

wb.onopen = function(evt) { alert("Connection open ..."); };
wb.onmessage = function(evt) { alert( "Received Message: "  +; };
wb.onclose = function(evt) { alert("Connection closed."); };

Send some data when onopen is ready otherwise you get an INVALID_STATE_ERR exception:

wb.send("Hello programmers!");

When you finished close the socket:


It very interesting to use it in combination with Web Workers alias Threads!

Have Fun!